Tulipa batalini is an easy, choice species which grows only 10 cm tall. The flowers are on the small side but still very attractive. The foliage is also small, narrow, blue to grey-green and often wavy edged. There are two main selections; ‘Red Gem (bright red) and ‘Bright Gem (yellow with orange flush). Tulipa dasystemon (aka T. tarda) is a prolific species that multiplies quickly by bulb-splitting and seed. It has yellow, star-shaped flowers with white tips. Each bulb can produce a cluster of 2-5 flowers. Plants grow about 10-15 cm in height. Tulipa turkestanica also has star-shaped flowers in clusters of up to 12! The blooms are white with a yellow base. Plants reach 20-25 cm with narrow, grey-green foliage. Tulipa praestans is another reliable species with wide, grey-green leaves and clusters of vibrant fluorescent orange flowers on 30 cm plants. There are several named selections including ‘Fusilier’ (bright orange-red), ‘Van Tubergen’s variety’ (bright red) and ‘Unicum’ (orange-red with striking white variegated leaves). There are two hybrid ‘botanical’ tulips on the market which have a strong influence from Tulipa hageri; ‘Little Princess’ (magenta-pink with blue center) and ‘Little Beauty’ (reddish-orange with blue center). Both of these reach about 15-20 cm and are among the last tulips to bloom.

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